500 Mount 500 Mount This versatile product allows any 500 Series model (except the 515 Subwoofer) to be easily attached to a structural surface such as a wall or hard ceiling. Two multi-axis swivel points are provided for maximum versatility. Hardware to attach the mount to the speaker enclosure, an adjustment tool, gaskets, and a safety strap are included.
500 Clamp 500 Clamp

The 500 Clamp adapts a versatile clamp to the 500 Mount. This mount attaches to any pipe or truss with outside dimensions between 1" and 2 1/4 ".

500 Mic Mount Adapter 500 Mic The 500 Mic Mount adapter kit includes two adapters that transform one 500 Mount into two microphone stand mounts for 500 loudspeakers.
500 Threaded Pipe Adapter 500 TPA The 500 Threaded Piper Adapter Kit includes two adapters the transform a 500 Mount into two speaker mounts capable of interfacing with standard plumbing thread.  
500 U Bracket 500 UB This product interfaces with 500 Series enclosures (except the 515 Subwoofer) that have the 500 U Bracket Mount option added at time of order.  

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