1200 Series Monitors

1200WR The Model 1200 is a high powered weather resistant multi-use professional loudspeaker system. Incorporating a 600-watt JBL Professional 12" woofer, a 1" exit compression driver coupled with an ultra low distortion conical waveguide, and a uniquely shaped carbon fiber enclosure this model is well suited for professional sound reinforcement and stage monitoring applications. Its unique handle design, incorporated throughout the 1200 series, accepts 5/16" drop forged shouldered eyebolts, 1200 Series stand adapters, or L-Track fittings. Multiple color options and mounting accessories are available for installation applications.

1250WR Housed in the same durable, weather resistant carbon fiber enclosure as all 1200 Series models, the Model 1250 features a large format JBL neodymium compression driver (2450SL) coupled with our ultra low distortion conical waveguide and a 600-watt JBL Professional 12" woofer (2206H) for concert level applications. The crossover section has been optimized for superior summation of frequency and directivity, and designed high power usage. For bi-amplified operation the crossover network may be completely bypassed via a robust rotary switch located under the grill. Since its debut this model has been used as a stage monitor for some of the world's top performers.
1250AWR The 1250A is a bi-amp only version of the Model 1250. No crossover or protection circuits are included in this model.
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